During This Season Of Slow, We Know How To Be Quick

ZRATE Quick Instant Oversized Freight Quotes

When it comes to the holidays, there are two universal truths. The holidays are a time of joy, wonder, and excitement. The holidays are a time of waiting, impatience, and snail-like slowness. You know exactly what we mean. Think of the anticipation of opening presents. (We know you smiled.) Now, think about the long line to buy those presents at … Read More

Save Time on your ODF Quotes with ZRATE

Save Time Quoting Infographic ZRATE

While typical ODF quotes often take 24 hours to receive, ZRATE’s quoting process takes just one minute. (You can’t even make a microwave meal in that time.) We know time matters to your business, so we’ve made the process as simple as possible with instant quoting. Just how easy is ZRATE? In nine short steps you’ll be well on your … Read More

March 2014 Freight Trends

Over the past month, the number of available loads has continued to climb, peaking at double the highest total seen last summer. The Great Lakes and South Atlantic areas continue to have strong gains in available ‘outbound’ loads. The economic model of ‘supply and demand’ plays an important role in price determination in our market. The chart below illustrates the … Read More

February 2014 Freight Trends

Over the past month, the Great Lakes area has continued to have strong gains in available “outbound” loads. South Bend, Joliet, Gary, Ft. Wayne and Chicago areas are the top five gainers the past two months. Conversely, the Northwest areas have experienced the most significant decreases in available loads the past two months. Spokane, Portland, Medford, Pendleton and Seattle are … Read More

January 2014 Freight Trends

Freight loads quickly regained pre-holiday volume after the New Year. In the first week of 2014, load board postings jumped to the highest number since August 5th; an increase of 90% from the Friday after Christmas. Load volume into California has decreased in the past two months, reversing a statewide trend with the largest “inbound” gains throughout the fall. The … Read More